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Jamile Torres was born in Barcelona, She always expresses how very fortunate to have been born in such a beautiful city surrounded by such amazing architecture. Throughout her life, Jamile has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others.  Her interest in art was cultivated during her early teenage years, she spent countless hours learning and teaching herself by exploring different mediums and further developed when she opted to take classes at the university where She earned a degree in professional Architectural drafting and then enrolled in the Polytechnic University of Barcelona to study Civil engineering. She supplemented her learning with classes of interior design.

Jamile in 1991 had the opportunity and design which led to her being chosen to work on the 1992 Barcelona Olympics design team. Eventually she moved to California and again found herself drawn to developing her art. She attended Cabrillo College and began to take formal classes in life drawing, watercolors, oil, pastels and computer graphics. She credits her teachers there for inspiring her to devote her attention to painting and develop her art into a career.

Jamile uses vivid colors and rhythmical lines. She loves to paint themes about the lives inside homes and architectural structures, streets, and everyday scenes that reflect our surroundings and our reality. From the window of a house from the inside out or outside in, cafes or street scenes. The strong technical aspect of this drafting gave her strong skills in perspective where she always likes to distort on purpose to make paintings more interesting. 

Home is one of the big inspirations as well as her local surroundings. For her, art is the way of life and how she views the color of nature which is transferred into her work. Her paintings can make you feel the beautiful colors that harmoniously leave you feeling relaxed and happy,  which is what makes her feel successful.She ardently sketches everything that is surrounding her whether she is inside the house, in her yard and when she is traveling. She says, Her sketchbook is her best friend.                  831.588.9967

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